This is the journal of the Working-Class Studies Association. Submissions are peer reviewed (unless otherwise indicated).

Formed in 2003, the Working-Class Studies Association is an international organization which promotes the study of working-class people and their culture. We are a group made up of academics, activists, teachers, writers, poets, journalists, practitioners, students, artists and a wide range of others interested in developing the field of working-class studies. We hold an annual conference as well as other events promote the field through a variety of awards and act as a discussion forum for working-class issues. We have members in North America, Europe and Australia and our conferences draw a world-wide audience.

The Working-Class Studies Association aims to develop and promote multiple forms of scholarship, teaching, and activism related to working class life and cultures.


• Promote awareness, growth, and legitimacy of working-class studies internationally

• Promote models of working-class studies that actively involve and serve the interests of working-class people

• Promote critical discussions of the relationships among class, race, gender, sexuality, nationality, and other structures of inequality

• Promote interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary, and disciplinary approaches to studying and teaching about the lived experience of working-class people

• Provide opportunities for academics, artists, activists, workers, independent scholars, students, and others to share their work, make connections with colleagues and professional organizations, and learn about resources

• Facilitate conversations and critical debate engaging diverse intellectual and political approaches to scholarship, teaching, and outreach in working-class studies

• Create partnerships that link scholarship with activism in labor, community, and other working-class social justice organizations


The organization also has a regularly updated and widely read blog, “Working-Class Perspectives”. For more details please visit: